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Updated: Apr 25

Electrification in his work environment while wearing protective equipment.

What is the most common cause of workplace electrocution?

For many workers, power line exposure is a daily occurrence and has the potential to cause electrical accidents and electrical injuries. Whether a worker is a tree trimmer, an employee in the telecommunications sector, or an electrical worker doing fieldwork, an electrical injury from working around live power lines is higher than in other positions. The most common electrocution accidents involve power lines, specifically when a worker is under the impression that a power line is insulated. This can cause workers to touch a power line only to be electrocuted.

Can you sue for being electrocuted at work?

Anyone who has suffered electrocution injuries on the job can file a claim for compensation. The method of compensation may vary depending on a variety of factors. For example, if your employer is responsible in whole or in part and subscribes to workers’ compensation insurance, you can generally only recover funds from their comp carrier. However, many different contractors and companies can be present on a job site; and, those companies are not immune from a direct personal injury lawsuit for compensation. A thorough investigation of the accident, including detailed information concerning who was involved in the work that caused the incident and a spoken account from the injured party can help reveal which parties can be sued for financial damages directly.

Can being electrocuted cause permanent damage?

The initial shock of power flowing from an electrical source to the body can affect the nervous system, which can cause permanent disability if the nerves immobilize parts of the body. When the damage reaches the brain’s control center, limbs, neck movement, and other areas of the body can be permanently impaired by high voltage exposure. In the case of a severe shock, the victim will likely need extensive medical treatment. Healthcare costs can quickly skyrocket, leaving injured workers and their loved ones facing a massive financial burden. In addition, electrical injuries can also cause permanent disability, lower one’s self-esteem, and cause memory loss and depression.

What types of permanent injuries are caused by electrocution?

One dangerous permanent injury caused by electrocution is injuries to the heart, such as a cardiac arrest that occurs momentarily or permanently when the body experiences electric shock. Nerve and tissue damage can be permanent if an electric current burns the skin deep enough to damage nerves in the limbs, back, or other parts of the body. Tissue damage can heal, but there will likely be permanent scars after being directly exposed to such strong voltage. Other permanent injuries can include physical impairment and psychological damage.

Can I file an electric shock lawsuit against the electric company?

A power company can potentially be held directly and legally responsible for the electrocution of an individual who is not their employee. In a personal injury lawsuit, a lawyer will allege that a power company breached its duty to protect the public even if it did not know any potentially dangerous conditions or equipment defects. If the defect or danger could have been discovered by routine care or proper maintenance, the power company may be responsible and have the proper insurance to compensate for endangering anyone in the public. If you work for an electric company and suffer electric shock, your ability to recover from your own employer may be limited to damages available under workers’ compensation insurance; however, that will depend on the facts of your case.

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